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When you’re deciding which social media platforms to market your small business in, don’t overlook YouTube. This channel has the distinction of being popular with all age groups and is a great venue to tell the public about your company.

What Is YouTube?

YouTube was launched as a video-sharing platform in 2005 by three coworkers at a financial payment company. It was an immediate hit. In its first year, it boasted 65,000 video uploads daily and views of over 100 million. This success led Google to purchase the company in 2006. Today, it has almost 2 billion users worldwide, with around 210 million in the United States. Recent research shows that 85% of internet users in the U.S. watch one or more YouTube videos weekly.

How Do I Get a YouTube Channel?

A Google account is the only requirement for setting up your YouTube business channel. After sign in, go directly to the homepage, complete all the prompted questions to set up your page and add your company logo and artwork. Take your time completing the description paragraph, as this is the first impression viewers have of your business. Always add your company’s contact information and links to its website and other social media profiles so users can easily interact with it and purchase products or services. Now you are ready to start adding content!

What Type of Videos Should I Post?

YouTube viewers have a short attention span, so plan on posting videos that are two minutes in length or shorter. Create content that is in line with your business’s brand, style, and tone and aim for topics that educate or entertain your subscribers.

The first video you need to upload to your new page is a channel trailer that tells people about your company and what it has to offer them. Follow the old marketing rule of telling about your company’s products or services and how they benefit the viewer.

With YouTube, you can create and publish any type of video, and it’s best to vary the type of content you post. For example, you can upload a tour of your company’s building, an interview with an employee or do a question and answer session with the CEO. Post new products or services and add customer testimonials about them in the future.

Now is the time to add your company to the millions of businesses using YouTube as a popular new marketing tool to reach your customers.