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Landing pages can be the most important pages on your website. The purpose of a landing page is to cause the visitor to take an action. This action could be signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. Thus, these pages are crucial to making money from the website. Here are some tips to create landing pages that get results.

Have a Single Purpose

The page should only have one purpose. If you try to use a landing page for more than one purpose, the visitor will get confused or distracted and may leave the page without doing anything. If you need visitors to do more than one thing, create a separate landing page for each purpose.

Make the CTA Obvious

The CTA is the “call to action,” the action that you want the user to take on your website. Make sure that it is very obvious on the page. Use bright colors or large fonts to call attention to the CTA. You could have a big button with the CTA on it. If it is a long page, have several buttons with the CTA on them, so that one of them is seen no matter where the user is scrolling.

Use Appropriate Visuals

Using visuals such as photos of your products or images of people using your services really helps people to see what your offering is all about. Visuals are eye-catching and convincing. They can include photos, videos, illustrations, charts or animations. They will help a page that is mainly boring text to come alive for the user.

Convince the User To Take Action

The visitor to your landing page has no incentive to take the desired action unless you convince him or her to do so. Your explanations should be readable and easy to understand. Use headings, since many people just scan web pages rather than reading every word. Reviews or testimonials are very helpful to make your web page look legitimate and convince visitors to take action.

Include Branding

Branding is the look and feel of your website that makes it unique to your company. The colors, logos and other visual elements should be consistent throughout your website, including on your landing pages. This increases people’s trust in your company and makes it more likely that they will perform the desired action.

With these tips, you will be able to design a landing page that is much more likely to cause the user to take the action you want, increasing leads for your business or completing purchases to increase the bottom line.